Round Rock Pop Warner Association

Here are some of the many reasons you should join Round Rock Pop Warner:

  • Superior Coaching - Head Coaches are USA Football certified and have dozens of years of coaching and playing experience.
  • State of the Art Facilities - Home games take place on turf at the new Cedar Ridge High School Stadium.
  • National Competition - Chance to compete in Pop Warner Super Bowl National Football & Cheer Championships, Walt Disney World of Sports Complex in Orlando, FL.
  • No Mandatory Fundraiser!
  • Discounts - Discounts for early registration, siblings, low-income families, RRISD, RRFD and RRPD Employees.
  • NO Tryouts! - Pop Warner programs have no tryouts or cutting of rosters.
  • NO Draft! - RRPW allows parents to make friend or coach requests.
  • Mandatory Play Requirements - Everyone participates under mandatory rules of play. Each league may set a higher number of Mandatory Plays, but never less than the minimum set by PWLS. All MPR's should be based on eligible players at the time of the game.
  • Age-Weight Structure - Kids compete with kids of similar age and size. We set and enforce a strict AGE & WEIGHT MATRIX that reduces the risk and reality of injuries. Not applicable to Cheer or Flag divisions.
  • More than just athletes! - Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is the only national youth sports organization in America that requires its participants to perform adequately in the classroom before permitting them to play. We believe that the standards we have set give these children a sense of responsibility and an appreciation for academics and athletics that will help them develop later on in life.
  • "Little Scholars" - Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. (PWLS) is the only national youth sports organization in America that rewards its members for their outstanding performance in the classroom. Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status, and are rewarded on several different levels (I.e. National, Regional, League, etc.).
  • Pop Warner National Championships - Each year, Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. hosts the Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer and Dance Championships. For the past ten year, the event has taken place at Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex™ in Lake Buena Vista, FL during the second week of December. More than 400 cheer and dance squads and 64 football teams compete for the right to be crowned Pop Warner National Champion.
  • It all starts here - The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) estimates that between 60% and 70% of all NFL players began their careers playing Pop Warner Football.
  • Background Checks - Pop Warner programs nationwide are required to annually conduct a background check of Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players and/or spirit participants. The purpose of these background checks is, first and foremost, to protect the children.
  • National Rule Book - Each Pop Warner Region, League and Association receive free National rule books for their organizations.


The local Pop Warner Association serving children in the following schools of the Round Rock ISD:

Bluebonnet Elementary, Berkman Elementary, Brushy Creek Elementary, Deepwood Elementary, Double File Trail Elementary, Fern Bluff Elementary, Forest Creek Elementary, Gattis Elementary, Old Towne Elementary, Robertson Elementary, Voigt Elementary, Caldwell Heights Elementary, Great Oaks Elementary, C.D Fulkes Middle School, Cedar Valley Middle School, Chisolm Middle School, Hopewell Middle School, Ridgeview Middle School.

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