Riddell's Smarter Football Program Committment

Rosemont, Ill. - Success in football is no longer measured solely by how many points you score on game day. It's now gauged by how coaches, players, administrators and leagues integrate advanced technology and innovation into every facet of their programs.

Recently, Riddell recognized and rewarded four Pop Warner teams for building a smarter, safer game as part of its inaugural "Smarter Football program."

Riddell, a brand living at the frontline of football equipment innovation for more than 80 years, created the Smarter Football initiative to bring together the broader football community and promote smarter tactics both on and off the field. Players, coaches, administrators, parents and fans at all levels of play were called on to join the movement by incorporating the latest tools, teachings and techniques into their programs.

As part of the initiative, Riddell also pledged a combined $100,000 in new equipment to the teams that best demonstrated how a grant would strengthen their commitment to fostering a smarter game.

Programs across the country, from youth clubs just mastering the basics to more experienced semi-pro squads playing at the highest level of competition, took part in sharing their stories.

Among the winning entries were teams whose coaches provide off-field mentoring services and access to community involvement opportunities that build character in young athletes.

Others use football as a means of teaching basic fundamentals like teamwork and exercise to underserved communities, but can hardly keep their program afloat because of economic hardships.

For Riddell, Smarter Football represents the way the brand integrates engineering expertise with data and cutting-edge materials to develop new equipment. This practice manifests itself through products like InSite, the company's head impact monitoring system for all levels that now identifies impact location, and SpeedFlex, its latest helmet that features flexibility in strategic areas of the helmet to help manage impact force transfer to the athlete.

It takes the entire football community to help shape the future of the sport, and Riddell is dedicated to breaking new ground to foster a safer, smarter game.

For more information and to showcase what smarter football means to you, visit Riddell.com/SmarterFootball and follow the prompt to take the commitment today. You can also join the conversation on social media using #SmarterFootball.

Riddell looks forward to continuing the push for a smarter game and rallying the football community again in 2016.


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